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Victory will do ANYTHING to make sure we are happy!  She is such a SMART girl, and has a VERY playful personality!  Her long line of champions has caused her to carry on the most desired and sought after traits.  We feel confident that Victory would have brought home the champion title if we would have entered her into the dog shows!  In our opinion, she is "perfect" in every way!  When we read the description of a miniature schnauzer on AKC's website, she seems to be exactly what the judges are looking for!  She is our previous stud dog, "Spanky's", daughter and the daughter of our friend's miniature schnauzer, "Lexie."



Grace absolutely LOVES being a mommy!  She, too, has a great AKC championship line pedigree!  Grace is salt/pepper, however, she carries a strong gene for black/silver, as she was the only salt/pepper in her litter of black/silvers.  Her litter of TEN puppies is pictured as the headline photo of each page of this website!  Grace is a very sweet, smart little girl, and she is always waiting on our other girls' puppies to get old enough so she can play with them and love on them!!!  She loves to be held!  She puts her paws around you, as if to hang on, and lays her head on your shoulder!  What a sweetie our Gracie is!!!

Grace likes to sit like a human!  ... oh, wait!  Isn't she a human???


Although Glory is short, she is VERY stocky, as a miniature schnauzer should be!  AKC states that a miniature schnauzer's body should be "robust and strong, with no indication of toyishness..." and that's my Glory!  She is so playful and LOVES to give kisses!  She gets so excited when she meets new people, that she just wants to welcome you with an open tongue!  Glory is also the "peacemaker" of the family!  She wants everyone to get along, and when she thinks someone is trying to start something, her deep bark gives us the warning that we need to intervene!  She is such a sweet little girl!  She and Justice are best buds!  Liberti and Glory share similar lines, as Liberti is her "aunt!"

Glory is such a "good sport" when it comes to posing for one of my crazy photo shoots!


Noel is one of the newest members of our mini schnauzer family!  She is the daughter of our "retired" Justice and Victory!  She is SO SMART, just like her momma Victory! Noel loves to cuddle, and lately she has acquired the name "monkey" as she has all of a sudden discovered she can climb on anything!  We sure do love this girl and cannot wait to meet her babies one day!


Noel at 4 weeks old!


Blessing is truly our "Bessing!"  Born February 10, 2015, Blessing is the daughter of our Grace and Justice!  She is a beautiful salt/pepper, and seems perfect in every way!  We are so in love with her parents, and wanted to be sure to get one of Grace's girls to carry on her wonderful personality, and great AKC champion line! Blessing has surely produced some of our most gorgeous, well-mannered puppies yet! 

Blessing at 3 weeks old!


Hope is the daughter to our "Grace" and to our friend's champion stud, Ch Starmaker's Kingpin of Karlshof (aka Caesar)!  We are so blessed to have her in our family!  Both her parents have AWESOME lines and personalities she is definitely a blessing to us!  We cannot wait to see how the Lord blesses us with her babies in the future! 

Hope at 8 weeks old!

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